Don’t be sad – The rock was once a mountain to you

1st Person: Don’t be sad. It’s OK.

2nd Person: How can it be OK. I can’t lift the mountain, while all my friends including you can.

1st Person: Come on it’s not a thing to worry. You can do it in the near future.

2nd Person: If i can’t do it now, then how can i do it in the future ? You are just trying to soothe me.

1st Person: That’s not true. I am telling the truth. If you keep trying you can do it.

2nd Person: No. How can you be sure ? !

(1st person patiently thought and said after a while.)

1st Person: (pointing to a big rock) Can you lift the rock ?

2nd Person: Ofcourse i can. It’s nothing but a small rock.

1st Person: Then show me. Lift the rock.

2nd Person: (Lifting the big rock) I told you i can.

1st person: Hmm. Were you able to lift it when you were a small child ?

2nd Person: How can i ?

1st Person : But you did it now.

2nd Person: Well i grew stronger. I played among these rocks and trees and slowly learned to lift them as my age progressed. But why do you ask ?

1st Person: What if you thought you couldn’t and never tried ? Would you had lift it then ?

2nd Person: Hmm ?

1st Person: You tried and when you failed you tried again. And eventually you succeeded. Can’t you apply it again ?

2nd Person: I think so…

1st Person: Don’t say i think so. Look at the rock and say i can.

2nd Person: (Looking at the rock he lifted) I think i can. No wait, i can.

1st Person: When ever you feel like quitting, remember, the rock was once difficult to lift but you tried and succeeded. It’s the same thing with any of the mountains. It’s difficult now, but will not be the same if you keep trying. So whenever the mountain’s mighty size scares you remember that the rock was once a mountain to you.

Dedication to all those that motivate others, who help us, soothe us while we carry the mountain of burden.


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