About Me

Hello my dear fellow bloggers and esteemed readers, I hope you are having a nice day. In case i haven’t introduced myself properly, let me do it now. I am an amateur writer, a hobbyist blogger and a moderate adventurer who goes by the pen name of Krishna Murthy. I was born and currently live in Andhra Pradesh, India.

My intentions of starting a blog as a hobby started way back when i first heard about blogging in 2010. But as i learned much about the internet and it’s uses (my favorite being online indie book publishing) i decided to start a blog and post my short stories and paragraphs and get feedback from readers. I intend to write novels some day, but as it is uncertain right now, i am not going to say much about it.

My main intent of starting this blog is to post my stories and get feedback from readers, and also to post about my other blogs, give updates about my stories, some of which i may sell in the future through indie publishing. Overall is that this is my central blog that i plan to use to get online audiences for my stories and future novels and i expect feedback from all of you reading this page and the blog.


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