8 Ways to Find Your True Purpose and Live a Meaningful Life

Source: 8 Ways to Find Your True Purpose and Live a Meaningful Life


I am an Author and this is my blog

I am a writer, well an indie writer. I wrote a few short stories on wattpad and am planing to write a novel or more precisely a short novel. A.K. Murthy is my pen name.

I am planing to become a self publisher and sell my books through online distributors. And i want to update my fans about my books through this blog. But that’s not all. I will be writing about my experiences as a writer and also some tricks on self publishing if i learn anything new in the process.

Write now i am writing a story which will take sometime to publish. I am planing to write short stories and give out some for free as well. All this will take time so in the mean time i will be working on my book and this blog simultaneously. Have a good day.